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Full Face – $250

Face & Neck – $300

Décolletage – $100

Face neck & Décolletage – $400

Hands – $50

Pay 2 up front and then get the 3rd   free.

In today’s world of advanced medicine and technology, people are living longer and healthier and more active lives. Unfortunately, skin degradation and imperfections, whether from exposure to the sun and other elements of nature or simply as an aspect of time, can often have a negative impact on careers, social life and self-image. New developments in science and technology, especially in the field of Intense Pulsed Light research, have enabled us to take a whole new look at the process of skin aging, its causes and treatments. Using IPL we can treat pigmented and vascular lesions, fine lines and other manifestations of aging skin. The treatment is quick, painless and has no harmful side effects.

Heating of the dermal layer stimulates Fibroblast activity, resulting in increased collagen production and cellular energy, typically the increased production takes approximately 2 to 4 months.

Collagen is an amino acid in the skin which primarily responsible for the skins elasticity. Collagen degradation occurs with aging and leads to wrinkles!

Very minor broken capillaries, close to the skin surface, can cause diffuse redness in the skin, the blood in these capillaries contains haemoglobin, when particular type of lights hits haemoglobin it too heats up and is destroyed. Minor sun spots in the skin contain melanin, when a particular type of light hits the melanin it heats up briefly and destroyed.

The number of treatments to be executed varies between 3 and 8, to be repeated every 10-14 days.

Pre Treatment

Discontinue sun tanning and the use of tanning beds/solariums and also the use of self-tanning creams 4 weeks before and throughout the course. Always use an SPF-30 sunscreen on all exposed treatment areas and re-apply every 2 hours throughout the day. The treatment area should be free of makeup. Discontinue use of Retinol and other skin exfoliating products 4 days prior and after treatment.

We do not recommend to be treated if you are pregnant, or if you have been using photosensitive medications within past 4 weeks or patients on isotrentinoin (e.g. Acuttane) within the past 6 months.

Post Treatment

A mild stinging or sunburn-like sensation may occur and is normal for up to 24-48 hours after treatment. In some cases mild swelling and/or redness may occur and it is quite normal. This usually resolves in 2-3 days. Apply cool/ice compresses to treatment areas for 10-15 min. every hour for the next 4 hours, if needed to reduce discomfort and heat sensation.

Pigmentation usually gets darker before it lightens; this is underlying pigment making its way up to the surface. This is normal for the first 2-3 treatments it may even turn dark or black and can be covered with foundation or face powder. Do not pick, scratch or remove scabs. This will prevent unwanted side effects. This lesion then will progress to light scabbing/crusting and will start to flake off afterwards. Begin using an exfoliate 7 days after treatment every day until the next treatment. This speeds up removing dead cells from the skin.

The vessels undergo immediate greying or blanching. In some cases, only a slight purplish change is noted. Vessels either fully or partially resolve in about 10-14 days, areas of diffuse flushing gradually fade leaving skin with normal appearance.

Until redness has completely resolved avoid all of the following:

  • Swimming, especially in pools with chemical/chlorine
  • Hot tubs and Jacuzzis
  • Direct sunlight/solariums;

Bath or shower as usual. Treated areas may be temperature sensitive. Cool showers or baths will offer relief.

Use a SPF sunscreen with titanium dioxide; this will prevent further pigment changes

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