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$55 per treatment or Pay $99 for 3 LED treatments SAVE $66

Add to any treatment for an extra $25

Although the ageing of our skin is a complex biological process there are two main causes: chronological ageing – the effect of time on our bodies; and photo-ageing – the effect of the sun’s harmful rays.

As we grow older, the amount of collagen, the major supporting protein of the body, diminishes. In addition, the skin becomes less flexible. This means that our skin becomes drier and thinner as the body’s natural regeneration process slows down, and the skin slowly loses its ability to retain moisture.

These effects are further compounded by the harmful UVA and UVB rays in sunlight. These damage the skin by producing enzymes that break down the skin’s supportive structure and so prevent the creation of new collagen.

What is LED light therapy?

LED ( Light Emitting Diode ) is a scientific process that uses specific wavelengths In the visible light spectrum to send  light into the deeper layers of the skin to activate a reaction of cellular activity. (Photo modulation) When applied to the skin, light energy is converted into cell energy.

LED light therapy is a safe non-invasive therapy whereby light of specific wavelengths is delivered to the skin to stimulate and activate cellular processes deep within the skin layers. This kind of therapy is completely safe and does not produce a thermal reaction in the skin which makes this a comfortable treatment. This is a cosmetic procedure used to gently activate the cells.

There are many colours in the visible light spectrum, and they will all have their own frequency and vibrations which will trigger various types of cellular activity.

LED therapy technology was originally developed by NASA to aid wound healing in space. It has also been used extensively in the medical profession for treating severe Psoriasis and Dermatitis cases, and, for successfully treating new born babies with jaundice. Aesthetically, this technology has been applied for 30 years producing excellent results on its own and now being used as a complementary therapy to other cosmetic procedures.

The LED technology is able to provide not just monochromatic treatments (one colour) but it has polychromatic programs using a variety of colours to attain additional therapeutic benefits. There are 3000 powerful light emitting diodes (LEDs) on the PhotonLite and this allows a greater surface area to be treated effectively.

Because Sapphire PhotonLight stimulates cells involved in repair of the skin and increases blood flow, it can be used successfully to enhance and improve other skin treatments.

LED can be used after microdermabrasion, facial peels, laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy, reducing the side effects and speeding up the time your tissue takes to regenerate.

Benefits of sapphire LED Light Therapy

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Stimulates, regenerate,  collagen and elastin
  • Repairs skin damage, aids in wound healing and scar prevention
  • Increase cellular activity, circulation
  • Tones and firms
  • Reduce photo aging, sun damage, age spots
  • Attacks acne causing bacteria ( FDA approved )
  • Reduce  inflammation, redness and erythema
  • Reduce scars and uneven skin texture
  • Treats Dermatitis, Psoriasis, Vitiligo
  • Gentle skin rejuvenation, reduce pore size

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